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Uptown Charlotte – Divided into four geographic sections, this booming metropolitan has a little bit of everything to satisfy just about everyone. Day or night, Uptown Charlotte is jumping with excitement.

At Showcase Realty, located in the heart of Charlotte, we train each of our Uptown Charlotte real estate agents in the specific knowledge and charm of Charlotte and its surrounding areas. This means that when you are ready to buy or sell your Uptown Charlotte home, Showcase Realty’s real estate agents are able to provide you with the best real estate services in the area.

First, Second, Third and Fourth Ward are different neighborhoods within Uptown Charlotte, each offering a unique style of living.
If you’re looking for a neighborhood with a little bit of everything, center city Charlotte’s First Ward is the place to call home. Never a dull moment in this newly renovated quarter, every street corner boasts a host of local picks that give this swanky pocket a distinct Queen City vibe. Learn more about Charlotte’s First Ward.

Located in the southeast quadrant of the city, Charlotte’s Second Ward was once dubbed “Brooklyn” by its residents. After a huge renovation, though, the neighborhood took a turn for the chic, becoming the thriving business center it is today. Home to four large Wells Fargo offices and the Charlotte Convention Center, Second Ward is swarming with suits, keeping the city alive with economic excitement. Learn more about Charlotte’s Second Ward.

When the busy streets of Trade and Tryon meet, head west towards Charlotte’s Third Ward for an uptown experience like no other. This “city within the city” started as a streetcar suburb in the late nineteenth century, but remnants of its modest history are only visible in the attitude of its current residents; the entirety of its architecture got a facelift when Charlotte became a banking capitol. Click here to find out more about Charlotte’s Third Ward.

When you think history, you should think of Charlotte’s Fourth Ward. Officially the historic district of the city, this neighborhood maps a vast number of classically Victorian homes in the midst of condominiums that now fence the remarkable community. If you want to learn more about Charlotte’s Fourth Ward, click here.

With an assortment of restaurants and shopping venues, residents of Uptown Charlotte rarely have to leave their backyard to find a fun activity. The stadium for the Carolina Panthers is only a 10 minute walk from the arena for the Charlotte Hornets. This proves how convenient living in the heart of Charlotte truly can be. Showcase Realty’s Uptown Charlotte real estate agents can help you find your niche in the center city.

Whether you see the sights in Uptown Charlotte by horse-drawn carriage, Segway or golf cart, this city’s excitement is a must see!

At Showcase Realty, we want you to know that we have a vested interest in helping you get the best possible home, a home that you will love and enjoy for years to come. You will not have to worry or second guess about the home’s value, environment, inner workings or process of purchase when you work with our top real estate agents. If you decide you don’t like your home, we will sell it for free.*

Call Showcase Realty and let our Uptown Charlotte real estate agents help you sell your home and move into your new dream home in the Uptown Charlotte area. With Showcase Realty, your home is guaranteed to sell within 120 days or we will pay you $2,500.*
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