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If you’re looking for a neighborhood with a little bit of everything, center city Charlotte’s First Ward is the place to call home. Never a dull moment in this newly renovated quarter, every street corner boasts a host of local picks that give this swanky pocket a distinct Queen City vibe.

Take, for example, Mert’s Heart and Soul, a southern inspired restaurant known for its fried chicken, shrimp and grits, and buttery cornbread. First Ward fanatics know that these mouth watering delicacies are the perfect way to start an evening out, whether that means they venture to the Belk Theater, Charlotte’s opera house and largest venue in the ward’s Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, or to Time Warner Cable Arena, home of the NBA’s Bobcats.

For the inner nerd, too, there are plenty of places to hole up for the day. A quick trip down Tryon Street, conveniently on the Gold Rush street trolley, would give a glimpse of some of the city’s smartest attractions. Discovery Place, Charlotte’s Science Museum, and ImaginOn, its interactive library, make up two of these well-known hotspots. Paired with the Museum of the New South and Charlotte’s Main Library, it’s no surprise that the cafes and coffee shops in this ward are packed with intellectuals swapping smarts over some of Charlotte’s finest brews.

Coffee isn’t the only brew in this part of town, though. Charlotteans of this ward often visit 7th Street Market, the indoor public market, before they head home from a long day at work. Offering bottled North Carolina craft beer in one of its many vendors, this market is a conglomerate of First Ward favorites.

For a neighborhood that makes up only one fourth of the state’s largest metropolis, First Ward has a lot to offer. Unlike the sleepy towns that surround the area, this part of town is defined by its buzzing activities, entertainment, and eats.

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