When you think history, you should think of Charlotte’s Fourth Ward. Officially the historic district of the city, this neighborhood maps a vast number of classically Victorian homes in the midst of condominiums that now fence the remarkable community.

Mostly residential from the start, Fourth Ward has remained so even while Charlotte’s first three wards evolved with the help of major renovations. In fact, despite the urbanization of the surrounding areas, residents of this neighborhood adamantly opposed reconstruction, fighting tooth and nail to stop the destruction of some of Charlotte’s oldest and finest homes.

Though small claims to fame pop up occasionally, like being the home to the first Charlotte hospital in the 1870s, often the best aspect of this quaint district is its distinct antique feel that residents cling to. From 100 year old homes to 1920s-style apartments, this “last but not least” region spans nearly thirty blocks of eclectic character. Offering town tours of beautiful historical sites, sprinklings of old Charlotte Churches meet places like Old Settler’s Cemetery, gravesite of many of Charlotte’s first settlers, Fourth Ward uses its assets to its advantage.

Still, while many citizens escape to a different time period in this quarter, others find solace in its beautiful scenery. Centered in uptown, the urban atmosphere is always prevalent, except in Fourth Ward Park, a three acre getaway for city-stranded nature lovers. Featuring playgrounds, walking trails, and decorative water fountains, this oasis is reminiscent of New York City’s Central Park, a sleepy escape shadowed by a stunning skyline.

For a city built on growth and change, this retro sect of Charlotte life is a charming addition to the metropolis. Capturing the background of a prosperous city, Fourth Ward is a constant reminder of why Charlotte flourished in the first place.

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